First Class In Module Two!


As we started module two, we discussed some new ideas which are related to game designing. This module deeply discusses how we can apply creativity in designing games, which helps others to discover their own paths or ways that allow them to find the creative person inside them! 

Having numerous discussions in class, we were allowed to see the whole picture; we were asked a question, “What is your favorite game?”. The answers were a bit differnet; many of the males agreed that FIFA is the most popular game amid young adults or children. Furthermore, a question was asked by Dr. Shreif,”what does the games designing companies provide their products with so these games keep being popluar and admirable?. None has a proper answer, but I got an answer when I reached home after classes. The answer may be that the designers of those games are providing their games with more options, such as provide the players with more techniques that correspond with the real world. Also high graphics may be one of the main reasons that attract people’s desire.


Connect dots! Intelligence may be substantially related to the idea of connecting dots in order to see the whole picture. Indeed, more attention was paid to the idea of how we can choose the proper dots to connect! In reality, people always connect what they have seen before when they face a new challenge or problem. It turns out that this idea can be also a barrier in solving problems; it is believed that creativity can be impeded by a technique that our minds always follow to solve problems. Titled as functional fixedness, some pyschologists believe that it may hinder the creative thinking in various ways, such as leading us to solve problems with common traditional soultions. In other words, it can enforce us to see the problem from one perspective or point of view, locking us in a box, which it has created in a previous period. Consquently, we were experiencing some techniques that help to reduce the impact of the functional fixedness, such as finding a word or a concept which is not related to the problem at all, and trying to use the concept or the idea, which lies beneath, in creating our new creative solutions. This technique helps us to get rid of the restains of functional fixedness and old thoughts, unleashing countless ideas that can be used to solve numerous problems in a creative way!

             As we finished our first class in module two, we were assigned to read a short story in order to get inspired about an idea that helps us to create an inspiring game that helps people to widen their horizons and to see how much they are creative!


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