A Red Eye For A Red Eye!



                  As we took the first class in the module two, we got into a new idea or field of creativity, which is playing and creating games. I was the group A; it was not a group work”Thank God”, since we have to create a game, getting the inspiring idea from a story. However, the members of group A have to read the Red Ridding Hood story, which is pretty renowned amid children. In my childhood, I was told the story, but I have not though that I will be designing a game, getting ideas from it. Frankly, I like the story so much, but the weird thing is that I like the evil character, the wolf. I find him pretty smart, skillful, and willing to achieve his goal. The graph shows below points out the story parts; it can also be shown as a storyboard! 

The game is basically for fun, but I believe that it can help many people to sharpen their skills in eye contact and in focus, too. The name of the game is”An Eye For An Eye”; I believe it is a nice name; however, it is not that much related to the game. In addition, it is a five-person game!  

Indeed, it has many characters; the characters are the wolf, the farmer, the grandmother, the pig, and the young girl

Cards will be written on the names of the characters, and every person will take a card. Surely, the character of each person will be secret. 

The power of the characters: 

 – The hunter: He can kill many characters, except the grandmother and young girl.    

  – The wolf: It can kill all the characters.                                        

 – The pig: It is very weak and unable to kill anyone.                                      –  –  The grandmother: She can only kill the pig. Surely, she will not kill her grandchild! And if she does so, she dies!                                                         – The girl: She can kill the pig; she cannot kill anybody else! 

The main instructions:

1- To kill someone, you have to wink to him.

2- Death is due one wink. 

3-None can get five points in one round; it is impossible. 

4- The game does finish when someone five points; each round the winners or the killers will get one point. Indeed, the first one who gets five points win the game! 

5- For each person you kill, you get one point!

6- If you wink to a character that you cannot kill, you die. 

7-If you die, you get excluded from the round. 

8-The game must consist of more than single round.

9-Pray to not get the pig! 

10-Game starts after ten seconds from doling out the cards! 

11- In these ten seconds,  every player have to look at the others’ eyes. 


Have Fun And Try To Stay Alive! 

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