What if we had more time?



          Design a game! That was the challenge in this module of Seminar 1110″Creative thinking and problem solving”. Frankly, I thought that this challenge will be quite difficult. But while we were creating the game; it seemed that designing games is such an interesting task. Surprisingly, it turned out that we are quite creative, merging ideas together in order to improve the final experience. ”The idea of these drawings seems to be inspiring; we should add photos to the game” Beshoy said. I thought that adding photos to the game more imitating to reality. Initially, we got the idea in class while we were doing brainstorming; traffic seemed to be a striking issue, in Egypt in particular. I, Beshoy and George were discussing how we could convey educational goals by creating a game, which will make the process of education easier. 


                     At the beginning, I got inspired from the Sleep-deprived game; I found that creating an online game will be distinguished, since many students were creating board games. We met several times in order to create the prototype; we spent so much time researching about the facts shown on the cards”The prototype”. In fact, while creating the prototype, George suggested that we could create a board game,since board games are most likely to attract people. Moreover, board games are easier to be created more than the online games. In fact, while the meeting with Dr.Maha, we discovered that the online game would take a lot of time to be created! The idea of creating a board game seemed to be better than the online game; a game on PowerPoint is going to attract less attention than non-online games, in particular board games.  In addition, people are more likely to be interested in the games providing fun, not only an educational goal. As a result, we tended to merge fun with education; the idea of merging fun with education is paramount, since players tend to not play a game if it is boring. In other words, we provide fun in the game in order to convey our educational game. Moreover, the main purpose of any game is providing fun! After we showed instructors and our class our prototype, we got endless pieces of feedback; our insights about the game were expended. We knew from the feedback that the idea of bonus questions was really effective in a field of stimulating people’s efforts to win the game. In addition, the idea of bonus questions corresponds with how designers can harness of the dynamics in a game in order to improve the “Aesthetics”. After I had gotten the board, I met Beshoy in order to start drawing on the board. Since I am good at drawing, I drew the game on the board. It was such an interesting experience that I drew two versions of the game, not only a one! While I was drawing the game, Beshoy suggested that we could players play in the same track. I thought that it could be unsuitable, since players might be on the same point. I actually prefer the three-track game; the idea of the three tracks indicates that people should focus only on their ways”Routes” without crowding with others. 



             I love to draw, so I started to draw some simple drawings. These drawings represent famous places in Egypt, such as Pyramids. The idea of the drawings inspired Beshoy to suggest an idea. “We should add pictures in our game” Beshoy suggested. The idea of Beshoy seemed to be pretty nice! We decided to add some pictures, representing Egyptian culture. Amr Ebn Elas, famous churches, and pyramids were our simple pictures of Egypt; we met George, who had a final in the meeting time. We interpreted all we had done so far; we discussed what we had to do in order to finalize this project. Next day, we gathered in front of the library. George fetched the materials, and I and Beshoy were ready to make our game alive! Youssef joint us, doing some manual tasks in order to make it on time. 


                 I learnt numerous things while designing “Om Eldenia”. I learnt some skills in management; I had to manage the designing process. The task of distributing the work amid the members in our group was my task. It always seems that I prefer to be the leader. In addition, I learnt and applied that creativity means to be an idea, which is always improved by people over and over in order to fit their surroundings and their demands. Indeed, what I will not forget is that creativity has no end! While writing this reflection, I got an idea, which has to do with enhancing the game and improving the final experience of players, but I will mention it in the final part, which has to do with the changes we will have done in the game if we had more time. I learnt designing, looking at a point from different views. I learnt that creativity meant to connect small things in order to see the entire picture. In fact, the idea implies the idea of keep improving your ideas as education and creativity have no end!  


             People who played our game in library gave us various feedback; Dr. Maha advised us to create a relation between pictures and situations in the game, since adding pictures without any relation to the situations provided in the game has no sense! Dr. Sherif said that the game has to attract players to play it over and over, not only a one time. ”Providing stable situations seems to create not surprises in the game” Dr. Sherif said; people tend to play games with has different scenarios and various ends!  “Challenges have nothing to do with the main idea of the game, which is traffic” a player said, giving us feedback! “Having a sequence would help to have different scenarios and different ends” Dr. Maha suggested; it seems that we have to edit some parts of the game in order to enhance the game final experience! After we had received the feedback, we decided to merge fun with education in a suitable way. This edition would be done by editing the bonus questions and the challenges our game provide; we are not able to dispel all the educational goals, but we should perfectly merge fun with education in order to enhance the game final experience! 



                 If we had more time, we would make the game more complicated, but in an interesting way. I will add many situations, providing a sequence amid all the situations provided by the game. Surprisingly, I got an idea while writing this reflection; we could change the challenge to be”You get a one minute to find twenty words, starts with A for instance that have to do with traffic or cars” another challenge could be create a short story, which indicates how much traffic is important, in three minutes. Players have to choose between these two challenges if they want to roll the dice! Challenges provide a chance of rolling the dice if the player could not answer the question. Another improvement will be adding the idea of earning point, just like Monopoly. This idea seems to be sophisticated, but it is easier than I thought. If I have more time, I will make the game more imitating to reality, providing it with endless ends in order to perfectly imitate life! Finally, it was an experience that I will not ever forget! I have designed a game! 

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